VoIP- Bad problems!

So, I have 2 complaints about the communication system or VoIP system in sandstorm.

1.) when I use the Push-to-Talk function, the game stutters heavily. It stutter right when I hit the push to talk button and it lasts for only a second but it’s enough to NOT make me want to communicate with team mates. I’ve askes many many people if they have this issue and everyone said they do not. I feel as if I’m the only one who has it. Someone told me it may be an internet bandwidth issue? I am using WiFi. I wonder if it’s the culprit of my voip stutter/lag.
NOTE: this never happened a couple of months ago, the voip used to work perfectly. This VoIP issue started back in April, it wasn’t the latest update that did it. What gives?

2.) I’m sure you gotten MANY complaints about this. VoIP suddenly not working and all you hear is an annoying beep. Is this by design?

I love this game and can’t wait to see what lies ahead! Maybe more gun mods that you buy with ingame currency (NO advantage, it’s just for looks). Skin modding? No bright colored COD-style skins. Just realistic mods to the skins and maybe resolution mods to make the guns look even better and realistic •. The sky is the limit with this game! Keep up the good work guys!

-Temptor - aka Johnny5Tech (search YouTube for johnny5tech or temptorenthusiast gaming)

BUMP THIS. Fix your game.

another bump. Number 2 for me is the main issue

Hello all,

The second issue should have been fixed with the July 25th patch. Can you check if this issue still persists?