[BUG] Gas mask, missing voice, VOIP BEEP, etc...

I LOVE Insurgency Sandstorm The gunplay is one of the best I've experienced. Fun fact is that I only play this game on Co-op/Hardcore. So most of these bug applies to Co-op/Hardcore

With that said, playing this game every day I can't help but point out these bugs that I occasionally run into.

  • Gasmask clipping - I still see gasmask dragging on the feet. They also disappear from there face when you kill someone or teleport to their feet.

  • Gasmask unequip on death** - It seems when you kill someone wearing a gas mask it would magically disappear from their face. Sometimes reappearing at their feet.

  • Female Security missing voice - I notice that the female Security team on Co-Op/Hardcore are using MALE voices.

  • VOIP beeping - One of the most annoying bug so far. This game emphasized TEAMWORK. Sadly one of the most important tools (VOIP) is bugged. Hearing only the radio -beep-

  • Door Gibbing/Dismembering bodies - while I like my share of dark humor. I'm pretty sure this is a bug, not a feature. Where closing a door on a dead body would not dismember limbs.

  • Techie windows are bulletproof? - I would need someone to confirm but I'm pretty sure on multiple occasions I shot a 7.62 round at a techie driver and he's still alive after seeing his window pelted with my rounds.

  • Invisible A.I - Sometimes you only see their vest/backpack

  • A.I flick shot - Would be a sniper 100m+ away and randomly A.I would land a hit on the first shot.

  • Co-op/Hardcore getting killed in spawn - Often see the enemy in respawn. Had an A.I killed half the team respawning after team blow up an objective.

  • Some guns give you drum magazine - Some assault rifle, when looting ammo. You would get drum mag. Affects random assault rifles.

  • ROCKET/RPG not align with sight. Sometimes I see that I'm line up for a shot but end up hitting the wall next to me.

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Hello @bsan89,

Thanks for the list of issues. I'll pass it on to the team!