Swapping to/from Grenade Launcher is painfully slow


This is less of a bug and more just feedback from playing Demolitions class a lot. Playing with the grenade launcher seems too punishing. I understand not having instant swapping to/from the grenade launcher and back due to balance concerns, and there should be a small delay, but it is just too damn slow. I quite often get killed in the switching animation from grenade launcher to rifle (or vice-versa) and I can't do anything in the animation, even though I reacted in time. The animation needs to be cut in half; it's so bad. Please at least consider it.


Exactly. I also posted about this issue earlier. I would actually prefer underbarrel upgrades to be a "secondary fire" type of key bind, but anything really would be an improvement.

Same here. The delay first appeared in the last update I think.
After the swap animation has finished playing, there is a 1 sec delay before the weapon can actually be fired.

Please fix!

Hello all,

Thanks for this feedback. It'll be passed on to the team!