I banned for nothing

In last 2 matches my game crashed, but right after the crash I was back in game. In the first time, I joined right after the 1st round, in the second, I was the last one to start the match (so I joined right before the start of the match). After the 1st game I was banned for 2 Hours. But after the second for 24 HOURS. I was first place and helped my team to win this match, I played every round but banned anyway. WTF?!

My nickname rn is "F I S H S C A L E", steam profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198363656668/
For 60 hours I didn't leave a single match.

Match ID b1fbb4c0-43d2-4975-bf62-dfc71ec8552b

Please, unban me as soon as possible, it's completely unfair.

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is there some kind of autoban in official servers? 😮

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Is anyone care? Where is the support team? No one replied to me here, same on Facebook.

Comp has a cooldown system if thats what youre saying, and if a dev didn't respond doesnt mean they didn't watch it.

@Muhammad It doesn't work how it should be. Since I rejoined match before it started, before the round started, at warm-up. If dev didn't respond - meaning they don't give a fuck, or they don't want to keep me informed about what is going on.

@BADANKA like i said if a dev didn't see the post doesn't mean they didn't read it. The devs dont always respond, they usually read the post and try reproducing the issue on their internal builds to fix the issue. No point in assuming things you do not simply understand.

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@Muhammad Do you understand why I sent that message? I wanted them to unban me.

As you may have noticed this was very much a bug, they're probably investigating the issue

I got removed from a server for an anti cheat violation.

There was literally nothing but this game and Steam running.


We're sorry that you're experiencing this. I'll pass this information on to the team, so they can look into it.