Unfair AI enemy spawning behaivior; No walking audio

Just relaunch the game today and found out a new game mode "Frienzy". Was fun, very challenging wasn't as i expect to be a mindless zombie shooter. But the way they spawn is so ridiculous. Sometime the "Berserker" (The heavily armored one) will immediately spawn right in the first area even before you start capturing it and he completely massacares my entire team in a matter of second. In another occasion, when your team respawn after complete objective, there will be immediately a group of "Frienzy" start swarming around you - Better be lucky not the only one died friend. There need to be a bit more consistancy in the way their spawn out bossess.

Additionally, i think there is a bug as well. Most of the time you could not hear their footstep at all even though they are running, charing at you at the speed of Usain Bolt right in front of your face. This bug is incredibly annoying and left a bad taste at my mouth because most of the time i keep dying to enemy stabb me in the back with absolutely no clue how and when he was there. I haven't try PvP yet (because my laptop is potato as sh*t) so no comment.

Other than that, good job at keeping the game alive dear Developer. I will sure keep visitng you back in the future

Hey @tankhb123,

Thanks for pointing out these issues. They've already been passed on to the team!