Suggestion: Olive Drab as Uniform Camo

It looks fucking cool. Here is an example from another game. c70b1dbb-c873-46fb-bda5-bafd22c40c85-image.png
Olive Drab is already in the game as a color for equipment, but not the uniform itself. That could possibly mean that the devs didn't include it because it might be too dark? Mikee said something like that about black camouflage on a stream. Anyway, I think it would be neat.

So far, solid colored clothing has been exclusively reserved for the Insurgent side. I know they're concerned with keeping teams easily identifiable by uniform, especially now in Hardcore with no friendly HUD markers.

Well they fucked up. People shoot each other mistakingly all the time. But if what you said is true, then that's a sad thing but at least with logical reason.

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