Two bugs in training level

There are two bugs in the training level in the latest version of Insurgency Sandstorm (

  1. The tutorial does not advance past scavenging the ammo from the enemy that appears. Even after scavenging the ammo, the objective marker still says "scavenge ammo" and it's not clear what else I'm supposed to do.

  2. The pop-ups say that the keybind for crouching is "(", even though it is actually the Ctrl key. This bug still happens even after resetting the keybinds to default.

Here is a video showing both of the bugs:
Youtube Video

Please get these fixed. I just bought Sandstorm and the first bug is preventing me from going through the tutorial on a game that has been out for months already - how is this so broken?

Hello @Eriksrocks,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you upload your DxDiag here, please?