[Suggestion] Option to choose what maps to play on for Coop

Many times I will want to play on Precinct and I usually get Farmhouse or Hideout. I have only gotten to play on the new maps like twice while I usually get rotated into the same old maps repetitively without any option to tell the game I'd like to play on certain maps.

For Coop there should be an option to tell what maps you'd like to play on.

@Lucican This is why I've turned to only playing solo. At least I get to chose xhat map I wanna play on. Sad, but unfortunately necessary. The main problem of doing that is that I don't earn any credits nor XP. So, yeah... Sucks.

Unfortunately game still lacks basic functionality one year after release, this is of course a no brainer, but it is probably "so hard to program as there is no blueprint". =O

A new gun instead is still likely, or maybe your request gets forwarded, and the devs gets mindblown when learning about such a brilliant feature that they would never imagine people would expect to be in the game;)

Oh shit, I am acting childisih now am I not, it is so immature asking for basic funtionality one year after release. I mean we all got such a top notch, well polished product it would be madness to complain. Sorry in advance if this is stepping on some fanboy toes, or maybe a dev with a ghost account will step up and correct me? 👍

On a more serious note, this is a good request, hope the devs fix this (and devotes 10 guys for a month to solve such complexity, or maybe they gotta wait until after their 6 month plan of using blueprints with fingers crossed).

Actually someone requested this a year ago too, who would have thought.