I really like the idea of commander radioman, but I think they could use a lot of changes. I've played over 350 hours of this game and think commander could definitely have a unique role in insurgency that can add another layer of depth to the game.

  • Commander slots changed from 2 to 1. One commander allows full planning of call ins, and the option to try and coordinate the team (ha).

  • Commander can place pins on all players maps for further coordination tools (minimize clutter tho)

Call in Rework // Shifts some power and decision making to radioman, or forces communication between the two

  • Commander visually points to designate markers (2 max) that appear on the ob's map. (or everyone's map)

  • Upon simultaneous death of both commander and observer, markers are removed.

  • When Commander and observer (com & obs) are together, the commander can order a type of strike via menu.

  • This greenlights the radioman which then can pull up his map and chooses 2/3 things: where that strike will land, what variation that strike will be, and if applicable, the orientation of the strike.

  • Radioman does his whole speech routine, etc. confirmed.

Com & obs buff //provides minor uses in cases all call in charges have been expended.

  • Com & obs on points provide faster capping (nerf observer solo i guess)

  • If com & obs are in call in range, provide a 20 ft radius buff where all voice communications are no longer proximity and only team

  • if com & obs are in the same vehicle, provide make that buff global.
    (side note, it'd be cool to have commander choose the initial vehicle: a transport might have some strategic uses, a fast truck like now, or a heavily armored vehicle with some weaker mg like a pkm)

Call in Reworks/Variations

Call in: Time between confirm and arrival
Accuracy: chance of not landing on marker
Cd: Time before next calldown can be used

  • Mortar Strike variants: (covers explosives, smoke, and gas)

Emergency- fast call in, medium accuracy, few shells, uncoordinated strike, low cd
Salvo- medium call in, very accurate, a coordinated amount of shells sweep an area, medium cd
Barrage- long call in, big spread, continuous mortar strike, high cd (maybe don't give gas this one, make it high dmg gas)

  • Air Strike

Emergency- fast call in, medium strafe, (essentially what it is now), low cd
Directed - medium call in, same as emergency but with strafe direction being chosen, medium cd
Extra- long call in, airstrike now brings extra payload but reduced strafe, so more like an area of a square than a rectangle, medium cd

  • Drone strike

Emergency- fast call in, same as it is now
Bring the fire- medium call in, All molotovs, medium cd
Fire in the hole - medium call in , All grenades, medium cd

  • Helicopters [2 charges]

Assassin- Costs 2 charges, calls in the sweet papa jesus air support. No other helicopter may bask in the presence that assassin touches.
Cleric- Disables assassin, works the same as now. medium cd
Medevac - trades a helicopter for another wave (should be fine... no defense helicopter charges right?) no cooldown

  • IED Drone [4 charges] // this thing sucks, I'm sorry NWI but can we just scrap this.

Emergency -fast call in, explodes when reaching close to target position. -1 drone, low cd
Dropped - medium call in, drops an ied on target location and flies away (can be shot down). medium cd, no drone loss.
Send everything - medium call in, medium area is saturated with as many drones left (max 4). -all drones
Allah Prime (ya that might be racist sry)- trades a drone charge to a team wide supply point.

  • Rocket Barrage [1 charge] // this sucks too 😞

Emergency - fast call in, very inaccurate missile barrage, (like it is now but faster)
Concentrated - medium call in, saturates a very small area with half salvo
Genocide (prob dont name it that) - long cooldown, medium area but kills everything not in cover in that area.

I hope you find these ideas useful NWI, I know its a class that only 1 player can use but they can really tie a team together and have an immersive experience.