Petrus bio sheet

Here's the link to the biographical info on Petrus.

He's with Theleme, a missionary and former diplomat. He seems nice but apparently has an ambition for a higher position in the organization.

I wonder if he is as fanatical as the one burning the native creature alive was.

@Red-Leader I hope he's not that fanatic. I want him at my side.


It sounds like he really wants to climb the ranks so I can see him doing some unsavory things to get there.

I'm probably going to backstab this guy.

I wonder if the PC's actions will determine how the companions end up? Like maybe we can push Petrus further into or away from fanaticism?

It wouldn't surprise me if there is some kind of trigger. Like, if you don't do enough things he approves of, he will eventually betray you to get his cardinal promotion.

Or maybe even worse: if you gain enough Theleme faction points, he will see that as an opportunity to go after the cardinal position, only to betray you afterwards.

@Eagle-Pursuit Yep I feel if you help out the natives too much he is going to betray you. I will have to betray him first if that is the case.

I think it's most likely that by helping one faction you will alienate their rivals, but I wonder if it is possible to get a 'friends with everyone' ending? Or even a 'enemies with everyone' ending?

@Fortune86 I hope it's hard as hell to get a friends with everyone. You should have to reallly have to work for it.

@Red-Leader said in Petrus bio sheet:

@Fortune86 I hope it's hard as hell to get a friends with everyone. You should have to reallly have to work for it.

It would most likely require some very delicate handling and a lot of juggling affinity points, but it would be fun to try for if possible.

They release new 20s gameplay on twitter/facebook. Petrus & Siora as companion again. They try to hint that these two can befriend or something?

They are both magic users. As a diplomat and a missionary, Petrus could provide some useful insights on working with the Teer Fradeans, I suppose.

Not sure they are hinting at anything. Probably just to show different companions and different weapon styles? I don't suppose there was a budget for party banter like Dragon Age, but it would sure be interesting to hear these two interact!

If anything, I would pick Siora and Petrus to be two who did not see eye to eye as Petrus may have in mind to convert Siora.

@Eagle-Pursuit I will put an end to that real quick if he tried.

Since both short gameplay they show have Petrus as companion, we learn 2 of his shout.

  • May the enlightened protect me in this battle!
  • May the shadow engulf our enemies!