Left/Right click not working sporadically only in Sandstorm

Hi, I've been having issues that basically renders the game unplayable.

Every now and then, probably 5-10 times per minute, neither right nor left click get registered. As a result, I can't enter Aim Down Sights mode and I cannot fire.

I don't have this issue in any other game, including Overwatch, the old Insurgency2 and CS:GO.
Windows desktop also works fine.

I've reinstalled my mouse drivers (Razer Synapse), tested with v2, v3 and without, restarted the game, verified game files.

I've tried local single player, multiplayer, closing all background applications, nothing helps.

What's interesting is that the mouse buttons seem to get stuck. Sometimes I press it and it doesn't stop firing.
I have no idea what to do besides asking for help here.
It was working fine about a month ago, that's when I played last, so maybe it's related to the newest patch.

My system:
Ryzen r7 1700 (chipset driver 07/07)
GTX 1070 (driver 430.86)
Razer Deathadder Elite (Synapse 2)
Corsair K70 (iCue)
Win10 1903
Game settings medium @ 1440p 144Hz

Any help would be appreciated

Hello @Spiritreader,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Did you play on full screen or windowed, please? What's your in-game resolution?

Yo, I swear this just happened to me too, for the first time ever.


I play fullscreen (no borderless, exclusive) at 2560x1440

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Hey @Spiritreader,

Thanks for the further information! Can you try to play on windowed to see if you still have the same issue?

@ham-cucumber Do you play on fullscreen as well?

Yes, I also play on exclusive fullscreen, 1920x1080p. In my case my gun emptied its entire magazine without me even pressing left mouse button. This has not happened before or since. I also don't think the game ever ignored mouse input in my case.

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I'm sorry to have kind of wasted your time, but I did some more troubleshooting when I had the time and identified the root cause:

I'm fairly certain this didn't occur in the past, because the only software that I updated during this time was Sandstorm, but any software-based mouse pointer move event that goes out of screen causes the mouse buttons to stop working.

I use a tool that moves the mouse across monitors with differing resolutions via dpi-aware scaling, such that crossing between monitors always results in the mouse moving in a straight line. That means on crossing a screenborder, WPF's NativeMethods.SetCursor(int pos_x, int pos_y) gets called and corrects the relative mouse position.
Naturally, I didn't catch this because it runs as a service and I forgot about it even existing, until I updated it today because a new version was available.

When I hit the left side of my screen (monitor crossing zone) and keep turning, the software somehow gains control of the mouse in-game (I can see that it tries to move the pointer position when in the menu and it correctly gets constrained to the window) in Sandstorm.
Turning is not affected, only left and right click act up. This causes the mouse buttons to be stuck in whatever position they were in last.
Whether this now is due to the fact that the mouse moves out of bounds briefly because the tool tries to move the mouse to another screen (even when in bordered fullscreen) or due to the software mouse pointer adjustment I cannot tell.

I can only assume why this happens in Sandstorm specifically, but it's probably more related to Unreal Engine than to the game itself.
Other games seem to be unaffected by changes in software cursor, probably because they use a different way to process mouse inputs.

That's why it works fine in windowed mode if the window size is smaller than my main screen, because it doesn't hit the monitor border crossing zone.

I'm not sure whether this warrants a fix because it's very specific and probably happens to less than 0.01% of your userbase, but here are the exact steps to reproduce:

  • Set up 2 monitors with different vertical resolutions (example 2560x1440 and 1920x1080).
  • Download and install https://github.com/mgth/LittleBigMouse
  • Configure LittleBigMouse and set up monitors side by side with the same size https://i.imgur.com/LNBDuu0.png
  • Check "Adjust Pointer" and hit play. The tool can be a bit petulant with Win10 1903 so it might take a few retries until it works (Kill LittleBigMouse_Daemon.exe if it's not responding)
  • Launch Sandstorm, set it to fullscreen mode, keep turning left. The mouse buttons should then stop responding
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Hey @Spiritreader,

Thank you for the reproduce steps. I've just passed it on to our QA team. They will look into it!

I have only one monitor and this just happened to me too. Tell me when it's fixed because I can't put up with this any longer.

Hey @ham-cucumber,

Thanks for this info. I'll ask the team regarding this and keep you informed.