Progression Level

Hello, I would like to ask about the progression for the campaign, for some reason I am stuck at level 16 in the campaign and cannot unlock the next level so right now I am stuck at 1000 fleet value will I ever unlock the next level in the campaign or do I need to do something for me to be able to unlock the next level in the campaign I already set the bar to maximun 200% on fleet size and leadership and I am still stuck on the level 16 in progression

That might be the level cap for the campaign.

if thats the case then looks like im just stuck to 1000 fleet value unlike my enemies that now have way past my fleet value which is kinda disappointing I do hope that there are mods that can extend more of both the fleet and leadership limit so I can atleast be toe to toe with the other enemy factions

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The campaign enemies are capped at what you have, so if they have more then it's either another fleet adding on (invasions can come in 1, 2, or 3 fleets) or they have commander levels. They will match your point cap as best they can (with some randomness thrown in).

@nachtjager I'v made a sub-mod that gives you the ability to customize the campaign alot more. It also includes having much larger fleets.

yeah ive tried that but for me it doesn't work I followed the instructions one by one and after that I don't see the new start window of the game and when I check the options for the campaign the maximum is only 200% and other options which in the game itself is there any videos or images that will show what will look like if the mod works ?

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