What name NPC will use to call PC on Greedfall?

In other game (Bioware game) for PC that don't have specific name, they will call us by last name (Shepard, Hawk) or title (Commander, Champion).

What about Greedfall? I can imagine that some will call PC De Sardet, some may call Lady, Sir. Constantin just simply call PC cousin. And Native surely have some name from their language to call PC.


PS. I love to hear NPC call me by first name. I will happy if SPIDER give me specific first name name as long as I can customize and role play my character.

Since we've heard no mention of a first name yet I'd imagine we'll get to pick our own but never get referred to by it.

I think you answered your own question.

@Red-Leader Ha ha XD.
What's your opinion though. Any name different than me?

If we can pick our own names, I'll go with 'Fortune'.

Inspired I know 😄

I'm going to call my protagonist Jean-Paul de Sardet.

@Ben-Kenobi Haha I always stick to my name as the default.

I have a standard bunch of names I use when I get the chance to use them in games. Something French seems apropos for this, though. I do wonder what the default first name is.