Realistic weapon camos pls

Im kind of tired looking at the same old polymer (or whatever its called) all day.
Realistic (and i cant stress enough R E A L I S T I C) weapon camos would be very much appreciated.

For example snow camos(for the coming sinjar remake), sand, foliage and even veteran skins like in day of infamy (really worn out guns to show experience of the player).

However they should be rare and hard to get (so there would be something to "work" towards") for example 20 000 credits (i could afford one right now).

Or maybe even (pls dont rape me for this) paid cosmetics, like 1,99€ for a bad ass skin. This would show dedication to the game and support towards the developers.

i'd be happy to pay £1 for a worn out ak skin or a new first person reload animation for my fav guns, so long as there cheep i think ppl would be willing to support the development further than the base price.

People asking for microtransactions in their games. I need stronger antidepressants.

I would honestly go broke if sandstorm added premium skins and cosmetics. It would help financially and be a good idea as that is what all the games are doing these days.

+1 I would happily throw money at these developers.