Just curious how often do any of you multiplayer players get issues finding games lately? I'm getting a lot of frequent disconnects when searching for games.

It will either:

(1) Appear to search for games for a very long time but if you back out to the main menu you'll see a popup there saying you disconnected. (so you could potentially be stuck searching for a game forever without realising you were disconnected)

(2) When searching for a game it will appear to find a game and move you to a loading screen but will go through the full "waiting for players" 60 second countdown before kicking you back to the battle/faction selection screen without any notification or anything. BUT after this if you then back out to the main menu you'll then once again see a disconnection popup.

I usually have to go through one of the above a few times before getting into a game successfully. As you can imagine this is quite a tedious process but I enjoy the game too much.

I disabled any/all firewalls/antivirus to see if that was interfering with it out of curiosity, made no difference. (for reference i was only using microsoft security essentials)

My connection is hard wired, previous was using wireless, had the issue with both types. My internet connection itself is very stable on other games as well as general browsing/streaming video etc.

Tried monitoring my network traffic and processes using procmon but nothing obvious has popped up. TCP & UDP traffic seems to be fine. Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be anything obvious happening in procmon when i get those disconnects, so I'm having trouble diagnosing the issue.

Can anyone suggest anything? or any other diagnostic tools that might help me pin down the issue?