Ahoy there, so my game crashed today during a multiplayer session. I was playing as Necron 1 x battlecruiser scythe ruiner and 3 cruiser scythe harvesters against a chaos cruiser fleet of slaughters, they were going full burn and i teleported my fleet onto them, activated star pulse effect, boarded multiple cruisers, activated lightning link and my particle whips were going everywhere thanks to the "arc propagator" skill (i was in reload stance though). The last skill I activated right before the issue was Scarab Swarm, not to jump to conclusions but this does generally tax my system a bit, I've noticed in the past, same with the chaos/nurgle version of it. (but never caused a crash before)

But yeah overall, I'm guessing all those actions/animations/effects going on caused a crash because then my game froze, the audio was looping and i got the low level fatal error popup, eventually followed by the memory error message. Both attached in the zip file.

I play the game in minimum settings, very rarely crash. My main issue is actually connection based, when searching for multiplayer games it would appear to enter one, do a 60 second "waiting for players" countdown and then kick me back to the faction selection screen, sometimes with a disconnection popup back to main menu. I created another thread for that issue though. Thought I'd mention it in case there was a link somehow.