Hardcore Coop Bug

Hello, I encountered a bug when loading into a game of hardcore coop. Bascially, this. It plays the regular sprint animation and such, except it's hardcore and it turns into a stuttery mess because I'm not actually allowed to move that fast. My ping was fine. I can't think of any steps to reproduce this except loading into a game of hardcore coop via the official playlist. That's it I think. DxDiag.txt

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As a follow up, here are a some more bugs recorded in hardcore mode, this one and this one.

Yeah i had this once, but after my ping spiked to 1k then my ping went back to normal but my movement was laggy, like how you showed in the recordings.

Hey @ham-cucumber,

Thanks for the video. Did you encounter this issue in every game mode or just hardcore coop? I'll pass it on to the team!

Only in hardcore. Just a wild guess, but I think this happens because serverside, the hardcore ruleset applies, but clientside it doesn't, so clientside I can run faster than allowed, but serverside I can't, so the stutter might be because the server's input has the bigger schlong, so to speak, and moves me back every tick or whatever you call it. Just a guess though.

Also, this. Been there since Beta.20190716103952_1.jpg

@ham-cucumber Thanks for the further information. I'll pass along the issue with shadow on to the team.

Were you joining through the Matchmaking directly into the queue or were you pulled from different match into HCCP by your Party Leader for example ?

I booted up the game and joined a Hardcore Coop game via the official playlist, alone.

Thanks for the info !

@Arc Perhaps you'd know this. Does the Insurg dev team do AMAs at all, either on this forum or reddit etc?

Here's another one. I still have no idea where he went.

And another one. Everyone just leaves without saying goodbye.

Also, while you're at it. 20190716211034_1.jpg

Slightly off topic, but when you play this game with a controller, the vertical sensitivity is much higher than the horizonal one, with no option to adjust it. This kind of sucks, to be honest, because it makes aiming incredibly inconsistent. You also can't use the "play menu" where you select between coop, versus an so forth, which means you can't boot up the game and play if you only have a controller. This is slightly irrelevant, but yeah.
Additionally, shooting an AMR without a bipod makes you go deaf (which is cool as fuck), but when you use the bipod, it doesn't.

Youtube Video

@chaton Has someone taken note of these bugs or was I supposed to make separate threads?