What kind of character/play-style are you going to try for your first play-through?

Given we're still in the dark about a fair amount of the options/romances/factions/skills, what type of character are you planning on for your first play-through?

I haven't settled on anything particular for my character's physical appearance (I just want some long-hair options please!). I have a hard time playing anything other than rouges usually... I'm planning on a silver-tongued, secret collecting/blackmailer, assassin-type character if I can make that work with the game. I'm curious about the magic options we'll get access to and especially how much control we'll have on De Sardet's personality...

I want to play a diplomatic/charismatic character who carries big two-hander weapons.

@Eagle-Pursuit "Speak softly and carry a big stick?" 😉

Going for ranged and playing a paragade with a strong affinity for the natives.

I will create De Sardet to look like Asian : Yellow skin, black hair/eye (yeah plain & simple like that). a bit muscle if that allow.

My play style will focus on magic and melee weapon. I will try to make peace first but if that impossible, well my magic is ready.


I'm rolling a black guy as usual but I'm curious if it will have any impact with your cousin/mother or if they will just hand wave it.

@Red-Leader They can just said that Player relate to Constantine from mother side and you get black skin from father.
Dragon Age 2 have various appearance for Hawk family base on PC, let see if Greedfall use that method or not.

I want to play a diplomatic/charismatic character, who a pure mage who supports the natives.

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Diplomat who specializes in dark magic and/or whatever the fastest weapon turns out to be.

My hero could be like:

  • a hunter, man not happy with life of a prince, he wants to explore lands and live his own life
  • he likes challenge - mainly in hunting - so is naturally interested in strange animals of the island and possible secrets
  • because of this challenge and curiosity he will have probably tense relations with some individual natives (native hunters), he may even challenge some of them but without killing... he wont provoke them into a fight, will only defend himself when attacked
  • he is not reckless or arrogant
  • mostly silent type, not very good with people, on the other hand he has some knowledge about different nations and cultures and trade so he can avoid fight sometimes (not always) and can be neutral or friendly towards most natives (not those who are unfriendly towards him)
  • is interested in power of the island and native shamans so he will try to uncover more about them
  • he will probably find Siora's sister too bloodthirsty and arrogant and may have bad relations with her.. maybe he would even fight her under some circumstances (hopefully he will teach her a lesson 🙂 ), but he may help other natives to coexist with new collonists
  • to sum it all... he wont like Theleme (religious faction), especially strong fanatics, he will have initially good relations with Nauts, have initially neutral/good relations with Bridge Alliance (at least for a while, depends on the story) and will be probably friend of Siora and Vasco (Nauts)

@Farflame Oh... I think you will don't like bridge alliance in no time. And what about your bodyguard, KURT?

A warrior diplomat who will be trying to get the cure at any cost