Imperial campaign - Stuck in a champion of Abbadon mission


I encountered an issue today
I started a Champion of Abbaddon mission (my 3rd) and I had to kill Hellbreed and his fleet (Khorne)

However, after destroying every single enemy on the map, the "Route or destroy all enemy ships" objective did not validate and now I'm stuck on the mission with no enemies and no way to end it, is there a fix ?


Hi, we're not able to reproduce this issue. Could you give us more details about how you do the mission that could help us pinpoint what exactly could cause this issue ?

Hi, I reproduced the issue. An escort was hidden in a gaz cloud, that's why the objective didn't validate. Could you check if there is an escort in one of the five big gaz clouds please ? Thanks !


IIRC I have sent a probe/squadron in every cloud to check this
Maybe I missed one then...
Or maybe it was in stealth mode somewhere else on the map

I do not have the game save anymore. I will try to redo the mission again
If I encounter the issue again I will come back to you. For now the issue can be assumed solved for now (I will consider I missed a cloud)

I can confirm I missed a cloud, last escort was indeed hiding

But it was strange : when I order them to attack it, they try to reach map border
20190726122306_1.jpg 20190726122303_1.jpg

However I moved y fleet next to it to complete the mission

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