clothes preset for every map

According to this guy (
good camos are a major thumbs up.

people with common sense would use everything BROWN to blend in with the current maps in the game.

Seeing as the new "snow Sinjar" is about to come. That map would be a stark contrast compared to most of the other maps. "very depressive, and very brown." -Alilolo

The maps are randomly picked, so we would need is a clothes preset for every map.

I Hope this gets passed on to the devs

It would be nice to be able to select customization presets from the same menu that you can select your loadouts in-game.


Devs promised cosmetic unlocks would give no advantage, be purely about fashion. This was to ensure playtime and unlocks dont give artificial advantage.

I hope they stay by this promise.

@Pacalis if they're gonna commit to that specific code, they should remove every camo and black outfit in the game.

because trust me, a desert camo makes you harder to spot at distance. black outfit also makes you harder to spot in dark areas (equip a flash hider and you can get yourself a salt mine).

I get that good camo doesnt make you invisible, but it can take an enemy quite a few seconds to confirm your existence. Those few seconds are crucial in a game like this.

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They would only need to remove clothes that gives camouflage in pvp or keep standard outfits visible to enemies in pvp. Creating a feature that optimize camouflage in all levels (with pvp) would be against their promise and reward players that grind for clothing. Just a reminder in case they read your suggestion.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass it on to the team!

@Pacalis well we already have good camo by default. so it doesn't matter.

i guess if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of your K/D to fulfill your eccentric desires. that's your choice..

@chaton thank you! im looking forward to it!