Group system needs rework

This game badly needs a group rework. I (very) often play with a French community and build a 8 men group almost every day. The problem, now, is that the group system bugs a lot, we can't rejoin, when one of us has an issue and we need to leave the game we were in and start a new one.

We want to be able to join our friends on games when there is room on the server they're in. We want the ability to kick players from groups when they've gone afk. We want the group function to work properly and smoothly. You also probably want to rework the HUD of the group system so that we can maybe chat on the main menu with our friends.

Thank you for your consideration,
Best regards,

[GW] Tybalt

Hey @TybaltS,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll share it with the team.

Hello @TybaltS,

The team will be adding this in the future!

Dear @chaton,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Have a great day,
Best regards,

[GW] Tybalt