Suggestion: Remove MK14 EBR and SVD from Advisor

Hello, been playing this game since beta and I enjoy it alot, however like most people I have opinions on how the game could be better from a gameplay perspective.
First off, I almost only play Push and this suggestion is mainly based on that specific mode. I think most people agree, that attacking in Push can often be incredibly hard, because the defensive advantage is incredibly strong in this game. This is of course because of the low TTK and other factors, such as open maps that favor a certain playstyle, that I admittedly hate, which is lying somewhere either in a dark corner or in a field with a sniper rifle, aiming at angles you know the enemy will come from. This is, to a degree, a completely valid defensive playstyle, however I feel that, especially in Push, it's getting kind of ridiculous how many people abandon the objective and most of the action entirely, because they'd rather get cheap kills off of people that can't even see them.
Now, it's not bad to have a sniper in your game that covers large area, I just think that with the addition of sniper rifles to the Advisor class, there are simply too many, especially if you include gunners, which are meant to do the same. It's annoying to constantly get killed by someone that doesn't even engage in most of the gameplay, but would rather sit in the back and snipe people to get kills. This is what Soren Johnson meant when he wrote that, given the chance, people will optimize the fun out of their game. And having these people on your team is also annoyinng as hell, because they see no reason to defend or attack, because they just don't see it as their responsibility to play the objective in the slightest.
I think 2 snipers per team is PERFECT but potentially 5 is too much, especially because the MK14 and SVD are arguably the strongest weapons in the game. If only 2 people per team can use them, I honestly have no issue with them being strong, or even "op" if you will, but if 5 people per team run around with these point&click weapons of mass destruction, it's giving me headaches. You have more cheap deaths, attacking is a lot harder considering how open most maps are and even then, both the MK14 and SVD are still great at medium to close ranges, and on top of that, you have more players choosing to play parallel to everyone else, sitting in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, aiming at a door for 10 minutes straight. I honestly feel Push would be much more fun if you removed the autosnipers from both Advisor classes. And if your argument is that the Advisor has no other worthwhile guns, then that's a great reason to simply come up with more new guns to add, instead of making the game (imo) more unbalanced by randomly adding autsnipers to the class.

Anyway, that's just how I feel, feel free to disagree to any extent you like and have a good one.

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Gonna reiterate on this. I think this would also help with the fact that most maps are way too open for the push side to have a real chance. It doesn't matter which map, almost all of them are a buffet for snipers to just sit in the back and get kills. More than two per team kills the pace, especially with gunners on top. Giving the Advisor Sniper rifles is slapping a band aid on a much bigger problem. If there are no guns to make the Advisor special, then put some in. The AS Val you announced and the respective Security counterpart (VSS maybe?) would be great for that. Just please remove the sniper rifles from Advisor, it ruins Push. I think there is a good reason the original Insurgency didn't have them.

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i think NWI should remove them once the newer weapons gets added to the game. preferably only for the Advisor class.

I think the mk14 makes sense where it is with advisors because of its application. It was never a "sniper rifle" it was a DMR employed with infantry sections. M14s really aren't that great for long distance when compared to other platforms. If anything the demo guys should get the M21 counter IED rifle 😉

I think the marksman class need to get a .300 win mag or .338 lapua magnum rifle which is the go to rounds for modern sniper platforms.

For its semi automatic option for security it should be changed to the m110 sass or m210 sass systems.

For Insurgents seeing the PSG-1 or SVU or leaving the SVD makes sense

I care less about real world context, more so gameplay. I think too many snipers period are a detriment to gameplay, at least in Push.

@ham-cucumber said in Suggestion: Remove MK14 EBR and SVD from Advisor:

I think too many snipers period are a detriment to gameplay, at least in Push.

Crossing Push Security. Five Insurgents with SVDs. You fill in the blanks lmao.

I'd personally love to see the SVD replaced by something like a VSS or ASVAL. It would still be a useful "sniper rifle", but with limited effectiveness at range due to the hitscan/ballistic hybrid system and the VSS's low bullet velocity. As for the M14 EBR, I'm not sure what would replace it, but that definitely has to go as well.

I feel like the Advisor is like a mix of Breacher and Rifleman, with access to Breacher carbines and alternative Rifleman weapons. Having Marksman weapons on top of it just makes the class pretty broken. At that point, the Advisor is just a "jack of all trades" which doesn't really make sense in an Insurgency game where you're supposed to commit to a class. You only miss out on some explosives, shotguns, 7x scopes (which are debatably useful anyway), bolt-actions (also debatably useful) and .50 AMRs (also debatable; the SVD is just better than the M99 in every regard).

"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but better than a master of one". By this logic, the Advisor is currently the best class in the entire game (possibly omitting fire support abilities).