Hunt, Outpost and other Modes

I know in their roadmap they had said they plan to add more gamemodes. In the first insurgency 99% of my play time was spent on those two gamemodes - outpost and hunt. I enjoy the two gamemodes they just added, hardcore and the infected type. Im already pretty pleased with the guns and classes in this game, my biggest beef is that theres only 4 or 5 total gamemodes throughout coop and pvp combined. Also, where is stealth at? I absolutely was obsessed with night time maps using flashlights, flares and night vision, im sure they plan to add it but its such a huge downer that it wasn't included at release and still to this day isn't included. I don't care if it comes in a huge update, just release 1 or 2 night maps for now, and we can enjoy it while you work on other content. Both Insurgencys are completely amazing games but how can this live up to the first without some of these? I wouldn't stress too much if there was atleast 2 night maps and either hunt, outpost, or a similar stealth based mode included in the game, but all 3 pvp modes are the same and theres 2 coop modes, thanks


All maps planned and announced to release as night maps.

Oh yes. We really need Hunt back...
I don't even play the game anymore. I basically saw everything that was to be seen.
I wish I could go around searching for caches and eliminating AIs without being seen or heard. That would change from the ever repeating checkpoint mode. The entire PVE experience is currently based on checkpoint, and a dubious "zombie" mode that is just a variation of the usual checkpoint mode, only a bit more "retarded", if I may say so.

We, COOP and solo players, need something to enjoy too. We can't enjoy the same few maps on the exact same game mode forever. It really feels like a chore on the long run.

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Hello everyone,

As mentioned in our 2019 roadmap, we plan to release more maps, night version maps (all in-game maps and upcoming ones), and game modes (outpost & frontline pvp) this year.