Commander Class fire support load out changes

Me and my buddy were chatting about a few different weapons systems that would be great to add to the game

  • AC130
  • JDAM / Pavelow
  • ballistic missle
  • MLRS strike
  • Hellfire
  • ammo/ supply crate drop

All of these options would greatly enhance CO-OP because they would add faster strike options for frenzy and a diverse experience for players. The current wheel is kinda stagnant and the smoke artillery option is a usually wasted slot.

I propose to change the load out screen for commanders to include a section for fire supports.

Having the options to tinker you fire support to the mission your in is more realistic and would greatly encourage the use of commanders. Also using a point based system allows flexibility.

Having 3 10's I awesome but I'd rather have 2 miniguns in frenzy, or have no artillery and all A10 for regular checkpoint coop.


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Hello @Uther419
Thank you for the suggestions. I will send them to the dev team. I can't assure you anything but they will take a look at this post.