hardcore security models stupid shinny glasses

Please, Please remove the shiny glasses of the security bots when playing hardcore as insurgents.

they are just silly, shiny, stand out a mile, look so unrealistic, like aliens with fly eyes and are really annoying.

Hey @k0872
Your suggestion will be sent to the dev team. Thank you for sharing this with us!

I agree, just make the combat glasses and goggles less transparent and less shinier

@Raibi To provide a picture example, I think this is what the OP is referring:

alt text

Although funny at first, the glare is incredibly dramatic and over the top.

Agreed. It's ridiculous when you can clearly see enemies in a dark area by their floating shiny goggles. More ridiculous when you're playing as an Insurgent in a dark area wearing glasses and get shot by friendlies who think only Security gets shiny eye wear.

Also, most of the goggle color options for Security are totally unrealistic.

I wouldn't even say necessarily remove their glasses but definitely lower the weird glare effect so they don't look like a miniscule alien abduction.

Yeah just making them a tad less shiny would be good.