To all devs reading this: ********

we need motd but they dont add it for some reason xD

I recommend switching to decaf.

Maybe the game is too arcadey for what you expect?

It's not Squad nor CS:GO it's kind of a middle ground, so inevitably you'll get players from both sides. Exposure is good (free weekend), the ones not really interested will just go back to whatever they prefer.

I hope the dev will keep this approach, not many games do this, there's a reason why I prefer ISS over the other, more polarized games.

Have fun anyway

every game has retarded players, this is not the developers fault

Hey @el_cozon,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We really appreciate it. However, it's not appropriate and not allowed to have any insults/trollings in this forum.

The team is committed to providing more content in the future, including PvP Frontline that has a similar approach to Push. I invite you to check out our Roadmap which showcases some future content planned for this year.

Last but not least, we really appreciate community's feedback, so feel free to share any suggestions or ideas with us here.

I dont think the devs are at fault because there are new players.

@el_cozon said in To all devs reading this: ********:

CSGO like gamemode that nobody wants to play

Just 500k players each day.

Competitive can be amazing if polished and is an interesting long term investment -> If a large playerbase is the goal (and of course it is).

Push is also cool, and having free weekends is a brilliant marketing strategy as it gives new players a "get out of jail" card if not satisfied.

To solve OPs issue here is easy if NWI wants to make sure our dedicated friend here avoids the noobs: Create servers with minimum hours played / level requirements as done already in for example rainbow 6.

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