GreedFall releases September 10!

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Hello everyone!

GreedFall invites you to forge your destiny on the uncharted island of Teer Fradee September 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Get a glimpse of its world, characters and secrets in our Release Date Announcement Trailer.

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The old world is dying, and its weary population is plagued by a seemingly unstoppable disease. The only glimmer of hope lies in rumors that a cure may be found on the recently discovered island of Teer Fradee.

Joining your cousin, governor Constantin D’Orsay, along with various factions with their own directives and hidden agendas, journey into a new world seeping with magic. Will you align yourself with one of the new colonies, or join the natives in their struggle for liberty?

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Player freedom and choice are core to GreedFall, as your decisions will build friendships, break alliances, diffuse conflicts and shape the future of the island.

Exploring a brave new frontier, your search for lost secrets will rely on more than just skill in combat. Everything, whether a dialogue option, choosing a stealthy approach, or even your choice of companion in a given situation may alter the outcome.

GreedFall releases 10 September 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-orders are live now on Steam and at retailers. For more information, visit

Look awesome!
Several new face on this trailer. I wonder what is their role on Greedfall.

Is that your purpose to show second of different romance in all of your trailer? If that so, I want some same sex romance XD

Holy fudge this game looks pretty!

And those are definitely some of the prettiest pre-sets I've seen. Here's hoping I don't have to spend hours to not look like a potato.

There was like a split second of two people kissing but I couldn't make out who.

I thought Siora had brown hair?

@Fortune86 I don't know anymore lol, maybe its the lighting.

So I did a frame by frame and I am pretty confident that is Siora getting kissed. The hair looks a little greenish but the eyebrows are pretty much an exact match. I'm gonna say its a lighting thing.

Is that your Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire purpose to show second of different romance in all of your trailer? If that so, I want some same sex romance XD

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Hi, could you make the price of the GreedFall greenmangaming's to same as Steam's price for Turkey. I want to buy it from GMG đŸ™‚

I have been playing it since the release date. Why am I not getting bored?

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