I'm dying

I'm dying for news. Console is dead.

@Jayson Funny thing is that I keep checking the forums every day. Not only hoping for news but checking if anybody has something interesting to say. The forums are too quiet. It's been said to us that there will not be news soon so, we better take the chill pill this time around hahha πŸ˜ƒ

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I don't know about XBOX, but on PS4 online is still quite populated. So no the games not dead. No new contact does not equal a game being dead, if that was case every single game in the PS2 and before would of been dead upon arrival as there was no way to get new constant at all back then, wasn't even any patches, online play, nothing back then, just the games how you brought them, that was all.

People misuse the term a game being dead all the time. People always say GTAV just because there hasn't been a update in like around 6 months or so. But when you take a look at it there are still all kinds of people still playing the game, buying shark cards, and even the game itself still sells.

As long as a fanbase remains and the game is actively supported (which could be as little as the publisher caring enough to keep online servers running (which fyi do cost them money) and maybe do additional patches), then the game isn't dead.

@deathcoreboy1 for real I check em every night too waiting for them to release some news and suchπŸ˜‚

@justinlynch3 Xbox is still populated but it's just a bunch of people that don't know what they are doing.

@deathcoreboy1 same I check the forums every day and I don’t know why but I believe that everyone has stopped messing with the forums πŸ˜•

...and no news or chat on forum is why exactly?
Because everybody is just checking if somebody else wrote something πŸ™‚

@Sodoma said in I'm dying:

...and no news or chat on forum is why exactly?
Because everybody is just checking if somebody else wrote something πŸ™‚

Pretty much this.

@Sodoma said in I'm dying:

...and no news or chat on forum is why exactly?
Because everybody is just checking if somebody else wrote something πŸ™‚

Yep, this has been me for months.

Still lots to do in the game though, like play it, but sorry to hear about the dying.

While I'm excited for MR2 I must say I'm doing very well as far as enjoying current games and having a good time with them. Sorry to see others not taking the wait for MR2 that well. It probably helps that I'm on a PC and have access to all the mods that add so much re-playability to MR, and I'm able to tweak their specs to my liking.

Plus if you're on a PC there are other similar games available, like Spintires (the new beta) and what I just discovered yesterday, Derail Valley which is a lot like MR, maybe even closer to MR2 from what we've seen with the job system, but it's on rails and you haul various types of cargo with realistic physics. I'm loving it. So I'm just passing this info along in case it helps some of you pleasantly kill time while waiting for MR2.

We might get some news soon tho cuz the MR2 playtest is soon. I got this email: Hello,

We are contacting you because you have indicated that you are interested in testing games in the Focus Home Interactive catalog.
Now, we are launching the very first playtest session for MudRunner 2 and we invite you to participate

This is a half day session during which you will have the opportunity to discover the game and give us your opinion.

Monday 29th June: from 14h15 to 18h

A game from our catalog will be available at the end of the session.

If you are interested and available to participate, please reply to this email.

This email is not worth confirmation of registration. Since there are many requests but few places, we will select among the volunteers those who have a profile corresponding most with what we are looking for to test the game.
So, if you do not receive an answer from us by Friday, July 26, it means that we have selected other player profiles.

Have a nice day 😊

If you no longer wish to receive these messages, please notify us and you will be deleted from our database.

@Jayson Don't get your hopes up. We thought we'd hear from Focus after the April event too, but it took weeks to get even a word out of Focus after that, and it was probably a much bigger event. It sounds like they're just doing some very limited player testing, something that probably won't even be revealed to game journalists, let alone the wider public.

I thought I was the only one to ask this question
every time I came here I could find no novelty, not enough recent discussion or anything like that.

Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox

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@escobarrr This forum has always been on the quiet side, and now it's especially quiet since MR1 is done as far as we know and MR2 is still in dev, and it's pretty much silent dev, that's how Focus/Saber does it until close to release. So yeah, there's really not much to discuss. Spintires and Derail Valley are in active dev which is a lot more exciting, and those are currently the games that primarily occupy my gaming interest, since they're similar to MR but with ongoing improvements.

I switched to Spintires OG in the meantime.
There are some news and new Betas. And i really dig the new look and the original Trucks.

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@justinlynch3 Xbox is still populated but it's just a bunch of people that don't know what they are doing.

How can you say the game is dead on console and also there a bunch of people playing who don't know what they're doing? Yes there are some casual players and some who goof around but I assume a few are just new to the game?

Also what do you mean by "Don't know what they're doing"? What are you expecting from them exactly? Do you invite to party chat? Do you message them and ask to team up or how you can help?

I still play a lot and always look for hardcore only games. I say hi and pretty quickly find a fair few players who are interested in teaming up and trying particular things or even just some kind of interesting challenge. Many of these are now friend of mine and I often hit them up for a game if I see them online or vice versa.

Alternatively, you can post a group multiplayer post on one of the XBox MR clubs and if you don't get immediate responses, you will still see names of interested parties.

Alternatively, you can post something friendly here asking if there were people who wanted to play on console and give them an idea of what you want to do and they might PM you?

Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious above but I'm always surprised by the "console is dead" comments. In all the time I've played, console multiplayer has been bad but I still blame this on the poor lobby experience and the whole player hosted server design. I think there are still a lot of people who want to play but are fed up logging on to games that don't match their expectation, or get killed halfway through because the person has gone to lunch or sees that you are about to deliver the logs he wanted to do etc.

This will never change. What you can do though is, over time and with the right approach and attitude, build up a network of like minded players who will match your play style and be happy to join you for a few. I do and I still have a great laugh, either trying something new, doing the same old missions with someone daft to chat too, or in fact even just goofing off, but at least with like minded idiots.

Don't lose heart Jayson, build up your own gaming community, there's plenty out there πŸ˜‰

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@zoglet yea I get you but im pretty sure we've done everything you can possibly do on console edition I've even got a Ford F-150 stuck on the top of the map and dropped huge trucks from there. occasionally we log of noobs but it just gets boring after I wish console edition had mods. I didn't mean it was dead it's just you really don't find people that know what they are doing

And if someone just dont like mplayer?)

Yes, i dont agree that game is dead, we all play it and waiting for coming franchise development.
But its true that community is almost dead (for now) - devs just dont care about it, this forum is still alive (but little), russian forums dead long time ago.

Why not to have dedicated community manager? You plan to sell your game(s), earn money from it (just get goood money from digital distribution, not wasting any $ for distribution of hard copies), so just make more money by paying salary for ONE person!!!
See forza - each WEEK community updates!!
In mr you can do the same - screenshots, videos, interesting rl videos and pics, some challenges (why not to make simple and fast instant challenges), teasers, discussions, mods, and so on and so on. So 1 dedicated person = alive franchise with increasing sales.
But NO - even partly shared Iyagovos is gone and we dont have any!!
Well, its focus way, devs should choose publishers more wisely.

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