News blog in game

I would like to see some form of the old Insurgency news blog to come back. It really helped with community building and promoting events. I think it was a little cluttered in Source but it was great for community building.

Would love to have it in Sandstorm, always thought it allowed for people to see recent updates pretty easily, streams and the highlights from it (In particular I remember from the Mikee stream days of 2014-2016) and any community events that were sent to NWI for them to post. Seemingly mainly only the competitive community did this, but it would be cool for any push/skirmish/coop guys to give their stuff a bit more attention with community/charity events ect. I think I saw something somewhere about how it's a plan for them, so let's hope it's soon!

Seems a lot of good stuff is still in the workings and I would guess the community will both grow and hopefully get more tools/features in the in-game meny when the modding scene hopefully catches fire this year and popularity with it:

Read your posts today @Link , ambush announced for next year, you asked for it nearly a year ago ey - Still gotta play the patience game (wait for Sandstorm to be fully fleshed out).

Sinjar coming back with snow, still hoping for district, station, market, but its going the right direction!

Hello @Link,

Thank you for this suggestion! It does sound great. I'll share it with the team!