The map design is less than lazy

I paid $37 CAD for this game. I expect more. There is a difference between a good looking map, and a playable/balanced map. Stop making it so that the maps can be played as a push map for both sides, a skrimish map, and a firefight map. Can we just get maps designed around each gamemode since that's how you get good maps.

It's a situation of shoot first, aim later, because your gun was pointed at your foot when you shot.
Making a big ass map, then using these filler walls and shit, and making restricted zones to block off curtain parts is absolutely fucking ridiculous and LAZY!! 0 strategic thought put into the maps, 0 planing the maps angles, 0 knowledge in map making.
On top of this this, unlike the Source Engine, UE4 loads in everything in the map at once even if you aren't looking at it. So you have a whole map loaded in, but are only using a small portion of said map and you wonder why there are optimization issues. I am not saying to switch engines, and I saying that you have a massive map taking up processing power when you have no need for it...

Is not the reason for earlier bug where enemies could not be tracked when out of view because audio was not rendered on top of visuals not being rendered? Maybe you can refresh my memory since you perfectly know how the U4 engine works?

UE4 dont need to render whole map:

Many maps on Ins2 worked great with multiple gamemodes and making maps for only one gamemode at a time would be a horrible amount of work.

I think NWI have made some cool maps and have clearly made an effort though the product is not perfect yet. I also miss some more cqb maps, but you are maybe, just maybe saying some stuff here that is just blind rage;)

Funny how people feel entitled to shit on devs all the time without proper knowledge and no emphaty whatsoever.