Disabling Invasions

So, one of the new features added in the last patch was the option to disable invasions from the campaign. I just started a Necron campaign with custom settings with the invasions disabled. I got some scripted Eldar and Tyranid invasions but I undertood that the option only disabled non-scripted invasions. Now, just after receiving a Ork mission, I got what seems to be a non-scripted invasion in the scelus sector. Is this normal or it means I didn't chose the option correctly/the option doesn't work? Is there any way to see the options applied to my current campaign? And if so, can those be edited mid campaign?

I don't want to deal with another endless 60+ hour whack-a-mole nor restart my 6 hour campaign. If there is no other way, I'll try editing the campaign files.

Hi, is this the mission called The Trail ? If so, those invasions are necessary for you to get an ork battleplan in case you don't have any Ork fights remaining on the map when you get the mission. As for the custom settings on a campaign, they cannot be edited mid campaign so to try a new custom setting you would need to start a new campaign and there is no way to effectively check the settings during the campaign. Hope this answers you questions.

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Yep, it was part of "The Trail", so, now that that is clear, I have another quastion about invasions.

Does disabling invasions also disable those attached to planets? I mean, the ones that have the 20% chance to happen every turn no allied fleet is present. I really hate those as their only purpose seems to force the player to waste a fleet slot to guard them. Would be bearable if this was limited to a single planet, but as far as I remember from the Imperial campaign I completed back in march, there are at least 4.

So, if they can't be dissabled "officially", I would like to know if it can be done by modifying the game files.