Patch 24/06/2019 ork nerf


Why nerf ork ? all of them race up except nids and ork big nerf. All ships ork cost have been increased. wtf?

The orks are slow, not brave and not much turn degrees.

VS noob or gamers who as little experience its goes, but vs progamers and players experiences it's impossible.

This ennemi turn around the orks fleet and ork can never reach them or ork ships are demoralized.

I 'm not a good players but i think the nerf is too much.

And up Eldars, i dream... the game eldars is very difficult but expert hands (pgm) it's very good.

You are increased the cost brut while this ships is a kamikaze. i not understand.

This nerf leave me pensive.

I feel a snowball effect.

If not your game is very good. Wonderful game and quality.

And i will continue to improve myself.

Have you reached level 8-10 with the orks? after that, it gets much easier with access to slowing zaps and the specific faction skills.
They can still have rather easily the largest hp pool on the battlefield, just need to keep morale in check and back secured.

Yes i 'm level +10 with ork and i use zap slowing and sepecific skills factions.

i work in progess. 🙂

Orks have been one of the top win rate factions, especially in higher tiers. They are still very good!
One thing to keep in mind is that they have some hidden attributes as well, Ork ships take tripple damage on criticals, and double the amount of crits upon losing a troop layer.

Yes after thinks and watch exemple, ork is good. i got succes with them. just insit and test combo.

its difficult but with experiences and good micro we defend ourselves.

thanks for anwsers.

Glad to hear that. Just keep in mind that there are many kinds of fleets you may face so don't dismiss a fleet you have after only a couple of losses. Always look back on your matches and think what could have been done differently on your side.
As long as you keep an eye over morale, orks can grind through most fleets

other question :

I got one star in my avatar profil with ork.

What is it ?

Hey there.

Devs introduced "seasons" so to say. When a season finishes you receive avatars or frames for the races that you played, depending on your ranking if I'm not mistaken.


after a lot of game, i conclued nerf is to much bad. seriously its impossible. i leave me pensive.