We need the MOTD i think all other community server hosts agree with this.
its long time now we can have our own servers. but still no MOTD to place our server rules
or server messages or anything to explain what our server rules are.

it was a thing in old insurgency. and it should defently be a thing in insurgency sandstorm. placed on their steam forums too. place a comment there too we need the MOTD

Please let me know what you think?

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Yes please - nobody reads chat messages (our workaround atm) - and rcon is rude to server CPUs so please get us some ingame html site to display proper gamestyle and rules after players join in. Does only have to be some sort of html-template like

  • h1 (title)
  • h2 (sub)
  • logo (png max. 200x200, max. 500 kb)
  • h3 (headline)
  • boldtext (sections)
  • text (copytext)
  • links (clickable, discord, website etc.)

Would make a lot of things easier for randoms, admins and regulars on the server (not saying the same boring sentences, rules etc. over and over again).

Copied from the Steam Forum:

Sandstorm is a very unique and special game that can be enjoyed by BOTH the traditional fast shooters (your majority market), as well as those coming from a slower methodical milsim style of play. Unfortunately tempers fly when the two are mixed in the same arena. In players' defense admin bans and kicks feel "unfair" if the unfamiliar server policies are not clearly so stated.

Many video game players are unfamiliar with the concept of team-tactics. With broken RCON and VON (as of V1.3) we are left with abrasive kick/ban options resulting in undue negative experiences for the players as well as for our admins.

Please help us help the players see and decide which servers meet their expectations of the game. We community server operators feel we have a lot to offer for the players disappointed after purchasing the game and experiencing the official matchmaking servers.

Yes, MOTD is needed!

We need a MOTD asap. Those who host servers deserve it along with the other tools that are long overdue and undelivered. I took my server down five months ago, because of it.

Hello everyone!

Thanks for sharing this with us. @Dutchxarms, As what I said in the private messages, I'll pass your feedback on to the team.

Let’s get this done devs this game is too good not to have motd ☺️

@Dutchxarms The team is aware of this request. If I have more information about it, I'll keep you informed.

@chaton can you get a response from the devs as to why despite months and months of server admins asking for this so called simple addition, you cannot see the importance or value it has to server admins and the future of this game, and why you cannot dedicate the time to implement this, we all know you will be bug fixing and optimizing for years, and if you continue to ignor the community server admins they will one by one stop hosting servers as is happening now.

it is very depressing the continued lack of communication from nwi to community hosts. I will get back to you is not good enough.

They need to make sure the MOTD isn't exploitable to play video or sound as it was in Insurgency 2014 sometimes. That's why it takes some time! This request has been taken into consideration. As what I mentioned, I'll keep you informed when I have more news about this!

Sorry for letting you wait.

@chaton thanks for the reply, the old motd was part of source mod and was a simple txt flatfile, you could not embed sound or video, that is a different thing.

the community hosts has been asking for exactly that, a simple txt motd function.

I will code for you if you like 🙂

I'll share this further information with the team. Thanks for that! If they need anything about it, I'll ask you here!

@chaton i know loads of people who quited because its taking you guys too long
its so dead. you guys not responding to our needs nwi is letting the community die
really sad to see how they worked so hard for a good game but letting it die all the way now 😕
couple of best modders are gone because they done getting ignored by them

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