Is the Seventh Path there just for flavour?

Hello, I have a savegame set one turn before the Aeldary fulfill all the three steps of the Seventh Path. I've ended the turn and the aeldari fulfilled the last step, but all that happens is that the Dark Apostole says: "It's too late, Ynnead has risen!". The Aeldari threat is raised by one in every sector as the tooltip says, but that happens with every step. I'm a bit confused.

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From my understanding they perform these 3 steps 3 times. First and second time they gain each 1 threat point after they can finish the ritual (takes 2 turns). In my current campaign they've done this 3 times (I think) and in the next round they startet 1 or 2 invasions in each system which is really annoying, especaially with this crappy star map overview 😤

It has been nerfed hard for release. I won't go into details, not sure if the NDA is in effect about it, but the Dark Apostle's line was most likely a throwback to an early edition that did not make it into public for the sake of balance.

@Imperator How do you know this? Did you play a beta of some kind? If yes, what used to happen there?

I'm not sure I can tell that due to NDA. If one of the developers say I can I will, but I will not do so without their express consent.

All I can say that it was very, very much more powerful.

oh ok, I understand @Imperator , maybe @Jellyfoosh will give you permission to tell me? please? I'm quite curious to know how it was supposed to work. I think it is a nice concept, but maybe a 2 turns timer is not enough to allow the player to counter-play.