Re: Navigational Shields not negating Spore Fields

First of all it is good to see you further patching and improving the game. But some of the bugs below are known for a while and maybe forgotten to patch:

  • Navigational Shields upgrade still not negating Spore Fields

  • Adamantium vein planet upgrade still not working...Flagship armour does not change after upgrading the planet

  • on the sector map the system list does not show build defense plattforms properly. In some cases it only shows the build mines but not the plattform. (picture 1) picture 1.JPG

  • on the star map map the red light "attack warning" is not working most of the time. Even though the attack /invasion is just 1 turn away (picture 2 and 3)picture 2.JPG picture 3.JPG

Improvement proposal:

It is still very laborious to manage the sector maps and the star map due to the lack of overview. As requested many times the best way would be of course an option to simply zoom out within the sector map. But if this is not possible the follwoing could be very helpful in addition to the changes you've already implemented:

  • Star map: if the planet which is going to be attacked / invaded would be high-lighted. (like planets with special events picture 4 and 5)

  • Star map: remark all plantes with stationed fleets

picture 5.JPG picture 4.JPG
Currently you have to zoom into every sector and scroll around to "find" the attack and then again find a fleet for defence which feels very time consuming and annoying.

These 2 points would speed up the wohle handling significantly because it would be possible to see all attacked planets and fleet positions directly in one view on the star map.

  • in mission: add an option to the filter to hide / close mission some cases the targes block the view of the complete up left corner of the sreen...I dont think this is really necessary.

  • in mission: if you play with "alt" / "always on" and then press F10 to hide the interface (for screen shots for example) you can still see ships target indicators which doesnt make any sense when the interface is disabled.

Don't get me wrong I really like the game so far but currently the difficulty in the turn based part does not come due the game mechanics it self ( as it should be ) - but simply from the bad overview...

As all the named mechanics are already in the game I hope you can consider some proposals and as I'm not a native english speaker sorry for any mistakes.

Hope for more DLCs to come 🙃

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