Patch 04/07/19

Greetings, Admirals!

We just rolled out a patch with some bug fixes and improvements, including battleplans and secondary objectives in auto combat. You can find the patch notes below. Please continue to give us any feedback regarding the changes or the game.


Patch Notes


  • Added possibility to win battleplans and secondary objective rewards in autobattle
    • The more fleet power by which you exceed your opponent’s fleet power, the more likely you will win a reward.
  • Added the possibility to destroy AI mines on the map for 1 battleplan
  • Added an option that allows you to delay or cancel assaults in the campaign

General fixes

  • Fixed a random rare crash in co-op
  • Fixed an issue with localisation key displayed on the battle or post-battle screen in the Escort Secondary Objective
  • “The Seventh Path” should now display the correct information.
  • The “Revoke Ship” button should now display the correct value in the tooltip while scaling with customisation settings.
  • Fixed a localisation issue in the battleplan tooltip
  • Added a security to prevent drifting hulk ships stealing battleplans if a boarding was still ongoing


  • Made some tweaks on the reward text of the Assassination Secondary Objective
  • [Chaos] Fixed an issue with some repeating texts above the timer in “Chorus of Despair” mission
  • [Chaos] Fixed an issue where the cost logo of Slaanesh and Tzeentch were inverted in the enemies’ system panel
  • [Chaos] The “Changer of the Ways” should now display the correct reward description for the extra upgrade
  • [Chaos] The Red Corsairs sub-faction should now display the correct name in the fleet creation menu.
  • [Chaos] Fixed an issue with the mission outro of the scripted mission “She Who Thirst”
  • [Chaos] Fixed an issue where the “spell Chaos” cost icon would grey out, while that was available for players
  • [Chaos] Fixed an issue where the hp and armor points of Space Titans were duplicated in a tooltip during The Tribute mission
  • [Chaos] Fixed an issue where the Chaos symbol would stay on the screen after the ritual in “Chorus of Despair” for the guest
  • [Chaos] Fixed an issue where transport ships could leave the maps without warping out in the Imperial Refugees mission.
  • [Imperial] The “Dark Throne” will no longer show in the cutscenes in the middle of the mission
  • [Imperial] If fought outside a scripted mission, the Phalanx will now properly disengage in all situations.
  • Fixed an issue with UI being displayed during the Ork Annihilation cutscenes


  • [Chaos] Fixed an issue where the guest would not be able to see the webway gate during the Unexpected Alliance mission
  • [Chaos] Fixed an issue where some Aldaeri fx would stay visible for the guest during the Unexpected Alliance mission


  • Necron Shards of nyadra’zatha should now have the correct icon.
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Hello there, i couldn't find the proper section where i could post, so i used this as it is the most recent official one. Is there a "post Chaos Campaign" roadmap ? If so, could you inform us of what are the next things to come for this game ? Or are the sales not good enough to justify further development of the game ? Thank you,

a big fan of BFGA2.

Edit: Excuse me if the way i ask it is brutally honest, it happens so often that games (even excellent ones as BFGA2) end their development cycle very early, and except for steam charts, i have now real way to find out how big the community really is. I for one am not very involved with the online part of the game, and i understand that customers like me aren't the ones that help to grow the community. I am happy to buy the game and DLCs because i like it. Thank you for taking the time to answer me if you can, and have a nice day.

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How do I destroy mines with battleplans?
I've tried clicking on the mines in the system, trying to drive a third fleet into a mined system, etc, without the option to cancel the mine effect making itself appear.