Invisible AI

Ive been running into invisible AI when playing Co-OP any one else experience the same? This includes regular checkpoint and Fenzy.

Are you sure ? How do you get this conclusion ? Enemies muzzle flash hovering in the air ?
Any video would be nice šŸ˜‰

I never encountered invisibles yet.
You probably might got shot from an angle that you didnĀ“t see !?
Bots still shoot very precise over 100 meters sometime even behind trees or bushes ( they can see you while you canĀ“t see them )

Also what happens regularly is that you get shot from a bot of which you only can see the "upper forehead" behind a cover.
I died so often by those fuckers hiding behind rocks or walls. Sometimes you donĀ“t even recognize that there is a forehead as they donĀ“t move.

And then there is the bug that when you prone in a little valley/pit and canĀ“t see any bots in that cover, they still can see you and kill you.
Must be our foreheads/Helmets are too high or they shoot our backpacks and maybe that also kills us ( hit registration bug ? ) .

These bugs need to be fixed !

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yes, this is in my list of problems you both attacked me for

The camera height / line of vision ( of the bots ) definatly needs to be reworked ( it has to be lowered for 10 centimeters so that the heads of the bots are completely visible when they hide behind cover but are still able to aim and shoot on players ).

The thing is : You can neither see their complete head, nor their damn weapon when they shoot you from behind cover.
All you can see is the upper part of their forehead ! ( look at the second picture ! )
The shots are fired out of their eyes in such situations ! That is absolutely inacceptable !

If itĀ“s technically not possible to make the shots are fired out of the weapon barrel then just lower the camera height inside the bots head !
Place their vision camera 10 cm deeper as it is right now. That way the bots behind cover only could see and shoot the players if their heads were completely visible !

It should be corrected to look like this ( Players must be able to see the weapon of their opponents, or at least their complete head ! ) :

The upper part of the red line is what players can see from Bots when they already can open fire on you !
You cannot even see the bots eyes when they already can shoot you ! And the weapon barrel is much lower than the line of sight as you can see in the pictures !
The actual setting ( camera height = line of sight = weapon barrel height ) of Insurgency:Sandstorms bots is RIDICULOUS !
Please lower the vision line of the bots for minimum 10 cm !
This wrong setting exists since alpha and i am not the only one who is absolutely unhappy with the situation.

Ladies and gentlemen, i need your upvote to indicate the developers that this is a real problem at least for COOP players !

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I deff agree with you, but im not kidding about the invisible AI, like in frenzy i can spot their knife AND THATS IT! I have vid proof of it, ill upload later, also the molotovs for the 1,000,000,000 time needa be toned down, their Tom Brady accuracy is ridiculous especially in Frenzy.

@GSG_9_LIGHTNING there are indeed invisble bots. you shoot them when you only see their gear and then they drop down and you see the dead body but when alive indeed invisble.


No need for video, this is 100% confirmed. GSG you remember the video I critisized with timestamps on what I considered fair kills. In the same video there is also an invisible bot, clearly shown by his gun moving in air and bot dying when shot.


its more prevalent in frenzy but ive also seen it in coop normal too