The slide needs to be changed. I almost always fire from crouched position, so I very often have quick transitions from sprinting to crouched position. When I turn a corner and see enemies, I react very quickly to crouch. Because of the slide mechanic, this means I transition into a slide, meaning I cannot shoot or control my movement for a couple seconds. I always die from this. My friends don't experience this as much, but they don't always fire from optimal stance. Being a good player in co-op, I rarely die, so this accounts for the vast plurality of my deaths. (the majority of the rest is one hits from non-one hit weapons e.g. AKs or AR-15 derivatives, even Makarovs sometimes, but I've made my peace with that) Could sliding be its own keybind? It doesn't need to be turned off, as I understand there are players who like it, but it causes a large portion of my deaths, and this isn't console; we have no shortage of keys to which it could be bound.