Campaign Custom Difficulty bugs

It seems that choosing a custom difficulty for the any campaign leads enemy ships to be rank 4. This includes the situation where you just choose custom campaign and use one of the difficulty presets without changing anything.

Every single enemy ship is set to rank 4 regardless of whether any change was made to that setting (or any other setting for that matter).

Any chance for a hotfix soon?

Same issue 😞

But if you choose the skull for easy, normal or hard it's working as it should

So... Has this been brought to the attention of the devs? Is it already a known issue? It's not like the bug is hard to replicate...
It would be nice to know if I should be looking forward to the next bug fix update, as tailoring the campaign's difficulty was one of the main points of the last update. It kind of sucks to have a main feature be broken to the extent I had to put the game on the back burner while it's getting fixed...

Hi this bug has been fixed with the last update (04/07/2019), so it should be working.