"Imperial Refugees" Mission Bug

I observed that this particular mission was mentioned in the 6/25 hotfix, but I cannot find more details on what the fix actually was, so I hope I'm not reporting a known issue. That said, this seems to be game breaking bug for me. I have completed the mission three times and despite completing all the mission objectives, annihilating all the other ships on the map, and trolling the map repeatedly with escorts to find any hidden enemies, the mission will not complete. I can stay in it as long as I like and it never finishes. I assume there are enemy ships somewhere that I cannot find, but they certainly are not on the visible map. This has repeated 4 times.

Hello, thanks for your report, we indeed have spotted another bug with Imperial Refugees.

It's possible for the transport ships to leave the battlefield without being properly registered so the game thinks they're still here. It happens randomly but obviously, the more transports leave and the more chances the bug has to occur.

We're working on a fix that should goes live in a few days, sorry for the inconvenience.

There are probably Imperial transports still around far out of bounds of the actual map area. Try to check for sensor contacts and if you've got them, use squadrons to nail them.

Just an FYI, I saw you guys addressed this bug during the latest patch, however, I just ran into exactly the same problem again...the game has been updated through steam. Am I going to need to start a new game or something? At this point its pretty demoralizing knowing I have wasted 20 hours at least in a campaign I cannot now finish....

does this happen every time when you launch the mission ? I launched it several times without reproducing it which leads me to believe it might be rare or random

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I counted, and while ultimately I was able to load the mission WITHOUT it happening (I'm past it now), there were 17 instances of it occurring before one where it didn't.

I should mention, generally I group my ships, set their stance, arrange them in formation, and pause the game all before clicking "Ready". In the once instance this didn't occur, I started the mission without grouping, setting stance, arranging, or pausing the game. I just clicked Ready as is and nothing flew off screen.

Ah i see, by pausing before clicking Ready i can indeed reproduce. Unfortunately this is an issue with unreal engine and how the slowmo/pause is managed. To avoid this issue you need to press pause after clicking Ready and not before. I will transfer the issue to the devs anyway to see if a fix is possible. Hope this helps

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That makes sense. However, as a non-software developer I would have never guessed that was the cause. Honestly, I was spamming the mission at that point having noticed the incidents were not consistent. I determined inconsistency means there must be some chance it doesn't ALWAYS happen, and in my rush, began to not set up my forces. This is the sort of thing that some poor a**hole (Or many) like me is desperately trying to find a fix for, reading through pages and pages of forums trying to find mention of it. May help just to outline this right off the bat and make sure the player-base knows, especially if you know people WILL cause it.

Either way, thank you for being so responsive.