third game in a row

i keep getting kicked for being afk when im not.. this is getting toxic ive been playing this game for while and once again im going to quit being the community doesnt want this game to grow.. you keep not working as a team and kicking people.. watch this game die

One time I was changing my class and got vote kicked.

We are overrun by kick vote griefing now. Expect more of this. The gates are wide open since public kick vote implementation.

Yesterday I played with 2 people who came just for throwing flashes in their team at respawn.
Thay took 3 flashes each and didn't allow us to exit spawn point.
We lose one point after another, and It continues for 2 maps in a row!
There was about 12 people in a team, but for votekick this two griefers we needed about 4 votes, but no one knows how to votekick and just kept suffer.
Me and another player tryed to persuade other players to votekick, but looks like nobody gave a fuck, or didn't understand english.
And it continues until my well known admin of this server came and we explain him situation, and he banned them.

So voteckick mechanics absolutely useless imo.

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