Find a way to penalize the Runner Gunners in this game.

So many times I get into a game and these people are running far ahead, they even sit on the next capture point, so when one is blown up they can cap it right off the bat.

Stop making capturing objectives worth points, or sting them with a a cattle prod, so they can have a lower immune to getting shot.

These people are ruining the game for a multitude of my friends and the people I play with. Is there no way to control this from happening? Or should I just uninstall this game and go back to regular insurgency?

In Ins2014 you can't capture a point if you came there when it was in red area, far as i know.
Why don't make same rules in Sandstorm?

I don't see the problem. Some players are way to slow.

You don't see a problem with backcapping or running and gunning? The two have nothing to do with each other, what are we even talking about?

The guys I play with never lose objectives to back capping. We stop it in three ways, listed below in descending order of priority:

  1. Don't lose the objective you're currently defending. This is 100% guaranteed to stop all back capping attempts cold. Bonus: there's a good chance the last man standing will be a back-capper, helplessly waiting for death in the restricted zone as your team hunts him down and humiliates him. His team will likely hate him. I've seen it plenty of times, and it's hilarious.

  2. Post defenders at the wide flanks. It just takes one on each side. Not only will it do lots to stop back-cappers from reaching the next objective, it also helps stop wide flanks of the current objective. Further, if positioned correctly, your wide flankers will be able to pick off enemy attackers heading for the current objective. It's a win-win.

  3. Each time your team spawns a new wave, do a quick sweep of the next objective on the way to the current objective. It should be near, if not at, your current spawn point. Not everyone in the wave has to do it, just one or two. Bonus: if you find a back-capper, he can't shoot back in the restricted zone--free kill. Hilarity ensues.

Points 2 and 3 also deter further attempts at back capping. Once the attacking team gets caught trying to back cap, they know your team is watching for it and they typically stop trying to do it as the the risk is just too high.

Also remember that if a team is back capping, they are a player short (at least one, but as many as they have on the next objective). It doesn't sound like much but it can definitely make a difference when it starts getting down to the wire. Then you see those guys waiting on the next objective frantically trying to make it back to the current objective without getting killed.

Bonus tip: Don't fall into the trap so many defending players fall into. When you lose a point, leave it and forget it. Sprint immediately to the next point. Doing so generally gets you there before a back-capper can finish capping. Do NOT loiter around the point you just lost trying to get kills. You're absolutely going to die and leave your team shorter than it has to be as they defend the next point.

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@ChrisA it's not the backcapping the issue it's the red zone. On Push you even have players that sit in the enemy spawn the whole game just to rack up some kills when their waves reach 0 and the red zone is lifted.

Red zone should allow firing and damage you as if taking shots from patrols, with frequency increasing with time, so it would be possible to venture into it but only for a short period of time.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your feedback regarding the issue with Runner Gunners. I'll share it with the team, so they can have a look.