What an absolutely shit game, with the most broken competitive scene. (plus 24 hour ban)

Played my 10 matches of comp, got gold 4, and yet even with ranks you dont get matched with people in the same MMR as you? lol? im getting diamonds and unranked at gold 4. what the fuck is that? thats assuming you even get to play a game without getting banned for leaving and coming back because your screen is bugged. 4 out of 7 games ive played keep having the same bug when i join in. the map is stuck on my screen, everyone else spawns in and i cant even choose a class. only way to fix it is by relogging yet when i do that, i get a 24 hour ban? lol. its sad to see what i thought wouldve been a great game, be so shit compared to the original. this is a big fuck you to the developers. im not playing your shit game anymore.

The competitive scene is basically dead, majority of high level players have left and most of the higher level teams have disbanded. I go between Diamond 1 & 2 at level ~100 and basically every game I'm either with newbies vs a 5-stack or I'm with newbies vs other newbies. There's very few players left who play at my level and so I've quit, too, since the matchmaking by now is basically just dice. Either you end up vs newbies and stomp or you end up vs a legit 5-stack and get stomped.

I'm sure NWI could have done - and still could - do a better job with the competitive scene (lots of maps remain imbalanced, there's some nasty glitches that have been around since launch, queue times could be increased in my opinion, you could have the option to stay with the team you're playing with, etc) but in the end it mostly boils down to a lack of players.

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