Whats with toxic vote kicking?

Let me sum this up. The game starts and the open mics are on full blast full of racist and chaotic chatter. You ignore it and start the game. Your playing and then suddenly you see your name or someone else up for a vote kick. What do you do?

  1. Ask why and what can you do to help yourself or another player?

  2. Try harder to help your team win.

  3. Quit the game and uninstall because there is no right answer.

If you guessed the last one, you're right! This is my second time uninstalling until the devs can come up with a better option than letting the kid who is yelling "NIG***" constantly rally his toxic gang and target whoever they choose. And you can't report him because that option isn't there...

So this is my second time uninstalling because this game is becoming more and more toxic. Please devs take control of your open chat/text and openly allowing players to kick people for any reason.

Vote kick is abused in every game. I recently got called for a vote kick by a bunch of team killers.


"The game starts and the open mics are on full blast full of racist and chaotic chatter."

First you mute all the shit, then you start the game

Is it really so difficult to use the mute button? This is batshit insane.

Please players take control of your mute buttons and ignore players who keep complaining for no good reason.

@Pacalis I thought about typing this in before, I will tell you anyways. My last game before I was fed up was a Push. The game started and we didn't even have a wave yet. I muted all my team so I could chill and have fun. About 1 min in I seen someone on my team called for a vote kick. I noticed that it was another sniper.. Well guess what? About another minute I was then called for a vote kick. To see what was up I unmuted team chat and was instantly hit with racist chatter and all sorts of abusive/toxic talk. I instantly muted. It took them another 5 minutes to vote kick me and the other guy because, what I'm guessing, was because we were sniping.

Muting only helps with the shit talking. What about defending yourself? Or does the devs let the loudest most obnoxious players have control of who gets to play their game? I paid for the game and should be able to play it without harassment. Bungie recognized this and punishes abusive/toxic behaver, so could any company.

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Fair point if there exists known solutions to the problem, if you play a sniper in a popular game you are often vulnerable as some many people crave this role. I played another game RS2V having a sniper and found a good spot where I could get a lot of kills on enemies flushing through a choke point. Then some random teammate comes by, executes me by a headshot, picks up my sniper and continue shooting from the same position=D It was really stupid but I also found it hilarious ( You cant take games too serious man). I respawned short time later and went up to my executioner where he was busy doing my job, standing beside my previous body laying on the ground. I returned him the favour and continued my job of taking out enemies - All this happened without any exchange of words or votekicking and nobody on the team gave two fucks about it=)

TLDR: Sniper role is dangerously popular, dont pick it if you cant deal with getting occasionally kicked either by some asshat that wants the role himself or by being alive far away from the fight, while your whole impatient team starts seeing red=D

Our bodies lay dead in the same spot to this day.

What do Bungie do to enforce good behaviour?

I can't imagine it happens.
I can't persuade team votekick even griefers or afk.
For about 100hours in game I saw just one time when votekicked somebody.
Players just don't care for this.
So I don't believe you.

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What is the reason to join a multiplayergame if someone wants to play for himself and mutes the whole team !? Seriously ??
Never will understand such behaviour !
If you want to chill out and don´t want any chatter in backround play a singleplayer with A.I. teammates.

The main reason to play this game in multiplayer is trying to do some nice teamwork and getting rewarded by finishing the round victorious, and communication is the key to success !
The only reason to mute one or maximum two guys might be some insulting players or 10-12 year old kiddies talk.

If you cannot hear what other players expect from you as a sniper / commander / observer demolition / etc. you cannot support the team efficiently.
Don´t ask what the team can do for you, but instead, ask what you can do for the team !

Lonewolves don´t need a team and the team doesn´t need lonewolves !


whoa, never said anything about muting the whole team, just all the shit.

Shit here equaling all the shit you subjectively don't want to deal with.

Lmao. Vote kick is the most toxic feature in any game. The devs knew it and did it anyway.


The best way to get trolls out of the game imo, I think they made a good call. There is both pros and cons, but I think the pros far outweights the cons.

How do you suggest dealing with trolls if there is no votekick?

@Pacalis Under no circumstance should someone be kicked from the game they paid for without reason. Ever. Trolls are easy to deal with. You block them. Team killers can only teamkill once. Then everyone on the team can take turns killing them when they spawn until they leave the game. Trust me it works.

Giving the very same trolls you guys cry about a tool to help them kick people out of the game is dumb as shit. The devs knew it was dumb as shit and caved to the sensitive crybabies.

Also, I have like 900 hours in the game. There isn't much of a problem with team killers and such. I was team killed last night in spawn for no reason. I didnt cry or try to kick him (I never use the feature or vote when it's used). Who cares when he can only do it once. My buddy killed him and we proceeded without incident from that point on.

They can shove vote kick where the sun doesn't shine. So far I've seen it abused far more than ive seen it used for good. Its a garbage feature.

I wanna kick the devs ass's for implementing VOTE KICK and DAMAGE REFLECT . Literally

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I think trolling is a good reason for having a votekick feature. I know you can deal with them in-game, but votekicking gives trolls even less motivation. Im happy you are able to get tkd in a video game without crying, balls of steel right there.

The votekick tool is only effective if the majority of players vote, so its not like the trolls get the most out of it as they are often in the minority.

The devs want a game accessible for the largest amount of people. Naturally they need to worry about sensitive ppl as well - If all were like you it wouldn't be a problem now would it?

@Pacalis The sensitive crybabies can block the so called trolls and like i said someone can only teamkill once. The devs already took care of the sensitive people with those features.


Well, the devs did not think so, I did not think so, and a lot of other ppl didnt think so. A lot of great games have votekick enabled and have insignificant troubles with pp getting votekicked for no reason.

Heres some suggestions I made in some other post recently to make votekick less abused:

Look at rising storm 2 vietnam: Vote kick function is there. Unnecessary votekicking is almost nonexistent. Its not the function of votekicking in itself, its several factors combined:

When you get killed by a friendly, there should automatically popup options to the player like forgive/not forgive teamkill, and then a list of available choices if not that consists of delayed respawn etc. This would reinforce player behaviour to make choices not connected to the votekick function. The extra thought needed to decide that further action was needed and try start up a voteckick as well would be much higher. [So there is game mechanics in Sandstorm not optimized towards a votekick funtion]

Don't choose roles that draws attention to votekick if the community playing has some fixed idea how the role should be played like you dont agree with. [You are putting yourself in a position that creates incentive to votekick you], stupid reasons or not just dont do it

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What do Bungie do to enforce good behaviour?

I don't think anything. But they are good at controlling the toxic.

@Sulfur said in Whats with toxic vote kicking?:

I can't imagine it happens.
I can't votekick even campers and afk who last stand and don't wan't to try capture point and just camping.
For about 100hours in game I saw just one time when votekicked somebody.
Players just don't care for this.
So I don't believe you.

I'm about 70 hours in and didn't see it till the sale and the free weekend. Sulfur, understand that I gain nothing from making up a story and defending it. But lets say you don't believe the vote kick part of it. What about the blatant racist/toxic talk that is all over the coms in a game that you're supposed to be communicating in. Mute the mic? Now you can't call to your team there is a gunner behind the wall. Unmute it and get a festival of toxic talk.

@Sapher said in Whats with toxic vote kicking?:

Mute the mic? Now you can't call to your team there is a gunner behind the wall.

You can mute toxic player and it don't prevent you to communicate with the team.
Team will still hear you.
You just wouldn't hearing toxic player anymore.

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Wow, went on a date to come back to a nice thread and now I have had time to read everything. After some time here are my thoughts.

1.Implement a report system for toxic talk/chat. I'm not sure what the devs would do if reported enough but it needs to be there.

  1. The forgive system someone mentioned is a great idea for a TK.

  2. I honestly think there should not be an open kick option for any pub match.

  • If someone is AFK they should auto kick within 1min.

  • After so many TKs- auto kick

With the rules above there should be no need for a vote kick.

I think they put in vote kick because it is an easy way out of the devs doing more work like looking into reports (if that were implemented). Maybe their logic is for us to make the decisions and regulate ourselves, never good with gamers!

An open pub that is not competitive should not have a kick feature. That feature should be optional on private servers.

I get it with the lonewolf stuff. I LOVE to snipe. I have almost 80 hours and most of that time is sniping. The entire roll of that is playing alone. I go up and down a 2.00 kd so I'm doing my part. I also never sit in the back with 0 waves, I'm one of the few snipers that actually go to point when they need me.

I should never have to worry about what class I pick and worry if anyone is going to start a vote just because they don't like my style of play for a game I paid for in a non competitive match.

I also play CSGO and Overwatch. I listen to my team and play my role there because I mostly play competitive. I go to Insurgency to relax and try to find the satisfying head shots from across the map.

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