Kraeyq's Annoying Bugs List

In Game

  • 3rd person animations are still not smooth.
  • Characters are culled from rendering way too aggressively. Many times I'll be cornering and suddenly players appear out of thin air.
  • Geometry culling is too aggressive. When I corner around most walls I see white void line where geometry is not loaded. This most obvious on ministry.
  • Players will spawn on top of other players and float in the air.
  • If you right click before the round stats, it will ADS when the round starts.
  • Prone players have their legs clip into walls or into the floor. When prone looking up stairs the legs to hand into the air. How legs work should be changed more closely to INS2 where the movement will move the legs while aiming/looking does not move the legs while prone.
  • Sounds goes through walls when they shouldn't.
  • Sometimes sounds to not play at all, play late, or cuts out for a period of time.
  • Diamond icon sometimes appears at the player's feet confusing players and resulting in TKs.
  • Fire sometimes renders and does no damage or doesn't render at all and gives damage.


  • Matchmaking still puts playing into games that are in the last round or already finished.
  • The RNG of map selection is wrong in Matchmaking. I shouldn't be playing Outskirts 50% of the time. After hundreds of firefight games I haven't been able to play PRECINCT EAST since the free play weekend.
  • Server tick rate in firefight is extremely low pretty much every game. We are talking sub 30 tickrate when the action first starts to happen.

UI / Stats

  • There is a lack of uniformity when it comes to using the tab key to move through the menu and sometimes you do not know what is selected.
  • The list of custom servers takes a long time to load.
  • Shadows in the main menu screen has never been fixed.
  • Magazine UI is unreliable for the actual ammo capacity. First few shots will not show up as any ammo expenditure.
  • Missing weapon icons for VHS, QBZ-03, M99, M82A1 CQ, and OBJ_WEAPONCACHE_INS
  • Sometimes when being placed into the match the UI does not give an option to select your kit.
  • The endgame screen that shows your experience earns still removes the last seconds of a match. I've been put into a match were I only got the last kill but the screen says 0 kills. This can happen for multiple kills too (I've had up to 3 missing.)
  • Shotgun shows up at 100%+ accuracy affecting the average accuracy of all the other weapons when looking at overall accuracy.

Quality of Life Changes

  • VOIP for your group when in the lobby/main menu screen
  • Change it so that matchmaking is used to find a sever and those players will remain there and play games until they leave.
  • Reduce the amount of time waiting for games/rounds to start.
  • Vaulting and jumping need separate keybinds. Making this change will literally save lives.
  • Firefight game mode needs more total rounds.
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