[Report] Blackstone fortress problems

Hello, I'm using the Blackstone fortress and noticed two problems:

  1. Sometimes it doesn't damage asuriani ships at all. Its gun is supposed to Pierce through holoshields, but sometimes it doesn't deal damage to neither the ship nor the holoshield.
  2. The lock on stance doesn't affect the range. If I hover over the gun icon in the Blackstone fortress card, it looks like the range has been increased to 27000, but in reality it never shoots unless the target is within 22500.

It would also be nice if the BF could be affected by the power of the damned upgrade to further increase the range. If it was affected by the reload stance it could be nice too.

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Hi Aram_theHead !

I've reported the 2 issues to the dev team. Thanks for your feedback !

The upgrade Power of The Damned doesn't increase the range on the BF, which is "as intended" for the studio.

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