I am a tactical player. I can handle recoild at short to mid range. I switch to single for long distance. IF I DIE ONE SINGLE FIRE, I DON'T REMEMBER TO PUT IT BACK WHEN I RESPAWN!!! It isn't a matter of why, but rather your gun should 100% reset firemodes after you respawn!!!! I didn't play the game for 3 days. I come back, enter a game, try to spray someone down, AND MY GUN IS ON FUCKING SINGLE FIRE FROM 3 GODDAMN DAYS AGO!!!! I don't care about what others say about, "oh well some players only use one firemode..." WELL I DON'T!!! I should be able to choose whether or my firemode resets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MIND YOU!!! NO OTHER GAME THAT I KNOW OF DOES THIS! It could be like auto deploy bipod. Make it an option to lock the firemode!!!!!!!!

I can't read this as anything other than throwing a tantrum.

Yeah, if anything this should be an option. I typically use semi-auto and assume it will still be there when I respawn.