Why is there STILL no map vote?

I understand that there's some internal logic behind why the devs want to have control over the map pool, but this is ridiculous. Map votes at the end of the round were a staple feature of 2014 Insurgency and DOI.

We need the ability to vote on maps so that we can play what we want to play. It doesn't make for a good gameplay experience when you play a four rounds of push and EVERY SINGLE ROUND is outskirts, insurgents push. Please stop treating your players like little children who don't know what's good for them and add the ability to vote on maps, it's a feature so simple it should have been added long ago already.

@seiden Ironically, there is a map vote. Official Community servers just don't have this enabled, though, because why would they? NWI clearly wants Sandstorm to have nothing to do with Insurgency. They prove that more and more after each update to this game.