Sandstorm does not feel like insurgency

Ok this is long but hear me out.
NWI has done a great job at making the game. The gunplay feel strong, movement feels solid and the animations don’t make your character feel clunky. The problem when people say the game doesn’t feel like insurgency is because the maps and gamemodes center around them are complete ass. When you design your maps around in game mechanics and other features instead of what the game should be is when your game starts to get some shit. Insurgency 2014 didn’t have any fancy mechanics and shit. You just had ground combat. With the limitations of the source engine, nwi designed the maps around the engine’s limitations and the gameplay they had at the time. If you wonder why day of infamy has no players and got some shit thrown at it for having terrible map design is because nwi designed the maps around the fire support system. Sandstorm is even worse as they made the maps around the new fire support system and the vehicles each side gets. If you keep wondering why sandstorm (in all honestly) sucks ass compared to the 2014 game is because they made a game with maps around a system that doesn’t work for this type of game. If you want maps like hideout, crossing, farmhouse, etc and still be hardcore then just go play ww3 or even hardcore servers on bf4. If nwi just remove all the shit maps (except for ministry) and start making maps around the ground cqc combat, then you will start to see maps like tell district revolt start to be made. So stop making maps around the fire support system and the vehicles you get and start making maps around the general principle of insurgency. Sure you can keep showing off that you can call in an attack helicopter and having mortar fire at the same time but no one fucken cares about those features when your maps went from eh good in source to complete shit in ue4. Sometimes, ideas that seem cool might have to be abandoned when the core principle of the game (the close to medium range hardcore ground combat) isn’t even there. I mean, you don’t see valve looking at how bad of a game mode hostage is and decide to keep making maps like office. If you look at sandstorm right now, it’s just a good coop game with a multiplayer that’s just discounted hardcore battlefield 4 no vehicles, but it’s no insurgency

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there are special game mode for you.
It's more like your favourite Ins 2014, without fire support and big maps.
It's called Firefight I think.
I'm not sure, because I never playing it - I much more prefer playing with fire support and big maps, which is great for immersiveness and tactic possibilitys.

So I couldn't agree with you.
Sandstorm is my favourite game, and if I want to play Ins2014 I just run Ins2014.

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Kinda agree with you both here. Would definitely love if the next NWI game was much more like Ins2, Insurgency Remastered and just repackage most of the old but gold concepts. I believe it would work out well, and the development cost would be pushed down as so much is already prepared!

Yea sure if you want to play firefight but that’s 5v5 and no one plays regular casual firestorm(or no one plays it near me). Also firefight has shit maps as well, most centering C on a terrible building that insurgents and security usually use as cover in a regular 16v16. The problem isn’t the new mechanics (although some of it is), it’s more of how nwi designed terrible maps(best example is running for a while from spawn since they designed the maps for vehicles). Yea it good if you like playing on big maps and shit but the big maps are meh at most. Crossing has spawn camping issues and too many angles along the river. summit has choke points where explosives can basically ruin one wave. hideout has too many angles and bad visibility. farmhouse has the worst points out of all the maps for skirmish and push. Outskirts also suffers from too many angles and poor visibility at longer ranges(these are what some people have said before as well so it isn’t just my opinions apart from outskirts). The maps are the main problem and you might feel immersed but when map bugs and other stupid shit that should have been fixed since the beta are still here then it becomes and issue. immersion doesn’t matter when your maps are still broken and filled with bugs that only some people know. Ok Sandstorm is a perfect game to you but explain why it’s at mostly positive now and was at mixed for 6 months. Explain why people have been complaining that the game doesn’t feel like insurgency and why some have even called it a discounted squad. It doesn’t help when part of the community loves the game and part of the community thinks that the game is not sticking to what insurgency has been for the past 10 years.

Footnote: I’m just going to say this before/if that one guy says the usual insults and derails everything. I have been here since alpha and I have seen the development of this game. Most of it was good but during the end of the alpha and early beta (when crossing came out) this same argument was also posted here. They had the same thing where some said the game is the best and if you want something else go play firefight and others saying that this is an insurgency revisioned and not an insurgency successor. On top of that, I’m sure most of the posts showing all the broken spots in the release maps are still on these forums.

@Sulfur But what if we don't want to do a special game mode? It would be nice if the map design and gameplay worked with normal 16v16 push and skirmish. Firefight plays a lot differently and it isn't everyone's cup of tea.

@cyoce said in Sandstorm does not feel like insurgency:

Firefight plays a lot differently and it isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Yeah, and I'm a coffee drinker, so it certainly isn't mine. 12v12 Firefight is a clusterfuck, and that's looking at it optimistically.