Invisible Bots Not in Frenzy mode.

Been noticing I was getting Blind sided when I know I 'checked that corner' with no cover for anything to hide since 1.3 landed. Suspicions after 3 days and today about as good a confirmation as I could get when 3 separate teammates missed the AI laying right in front of them the first and second players confirming over VoIP that that guy was certainly Not laying there 3 feet in front of them when they cornered and the bot waiting a full 5 seconds to shoot them. You guys have a real issue here. Please look into it. Hardcore Outskirts for the map. Spectators could see the bot. Players in the round still could NOT.

Hey @corporalHicks,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Just to clarify, the invisible AI appeared in Hardcore Outskirts, right? As what you mentioned in this thread.

I'll pass this on to the team!

@chaton In this specific instance, Yes. However it Happens Every map.

Thanks for the further information!

Yes, we've been seeing this on our servers as well. Checkpoint, Hardcore Checkpoint, and Frenzy Checkpoint.

From what I've seen, the clients tend to agree about which bots are invisible (though not always).

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Add this to the pile of game breaking bugs.

@Grave It is the reason I quit playing.

It's all fun and games defending the objective until Jah comes running around the corner in nothing but a carrier...

...but imagine if this was an Suicide Vest and no one saw him running at them until it was too late...>_>